What to Wear – Your Back to Office Dressing Ideas for Work

3 Back-to-Office Dressing Ideas You Should Not Miss

The back-to-office shopping season is in full swing. After almost two years of mandatory remote work, people are finally returning to the office as well as colleges, causing spending to surge on professional outfits, and general non-leisurewear apparel. 

Due to this shift from the work from home norm, a significant change in fashion trends has sparked, and people no longer need the same clothes as before. Have you figured out what items you’ll need to fill the return-to-office shopping list with? What will be the suitable office wear in this post-pandemic world of balancing working in-office and from home? We have some tips for you.


1. Pay attention to the “athleisure” fashion trends

As the number of stores selling fashion-forward comfort clothing is expanding, our desire for comfort will definitely outlast the pandemic. Your office outfits that were last worn in March 2020 now feel dated. Men or women who typically wore classic suits are grabbing something more comfortable while on the job. Covid has moved the comfort trend far ahead, and casualization is gathering pace. It’s athleisure and those comfort categories that are leading the way.


2. The “hybrid uniform” is gaining traction

People have been heading toward athleisure trends for years, Covid-19 is the accelerator. Now some groups are redefining it. Lululemon is pushing into more structured garments including shirts, dresses, pants, and other comfortable yet office-appropriate apparel. Hugo Boss will introduce “the suit of the future” to be suitable for everyday wear and work. The pandemic made things harder in many ways, while it helped in other ways through fuelling existing trends toward more comfortable yet stylish clothing. 

For people who are traveling back to the office, it is becoming more and more possible to pick any piece from your standard wardrobe and go to the gym for workouts.


3. Try to Wear Oversized, Colourful Tops

The rules of what to wear to work in the office are now dying out. As more employers are relaxing their dressing code in this “return-to-office” trend, those classic black and white shirts are out, and colorful shirts are in. Forget the fitted dresses you used to spend all day feeling uncomfortable in, as fashion has to fall towards a simpler outfit component. 

Shop with So Fancy Boutique, and throw on an oversized colorful top, wide-leg trousers, and chunky shoes. You will have a look that’s never fresher!

Fashion is always reinventing itself, the new consumer demanding comfort and style in office wear is just an extension of what came previously. Whatever you choose to wear when you are going back to the office, always remember that simplicity is key and focus on the details of your look when it comes to color coordination.