Be Yourself – The Guide in Developing Your Personal Style

How can you Find Your Personal Style in Fashion Clothing?

Fashion is back! The garment has become one emblem of the post-lockdown consumer, as economies are slowly reopening. A “back to the office” life has also fuelled more fashion spending. As the types of fashion apparel bought have shifted during this vaccine-driven economic recovery – many are ordering less leisurewear and putting more money toward suits. While the rotation in clothing appears well underway, it could be daunting to develop your personal style, especially in a post-pandemic world where fashion trends have been disrupted. 

Since style is a way to tell others who you are without having to speak (Rachel Zoe), your sense of style must be developed. But how? This article is going help you craft a sense of “self-expression” in your everyday life!


 1. Look for Style Inspiration

This is the very first step! Spend time on social media like Instagram and TikTok, and observe how friends and celebrities dress. By imagining how you would look in that dress or color, you will then begin to explore and find your own sense of style without it being a daunting effort. 


2. Know Get to Know Yourself – What Makes You More Confident?

Is there any specific color or silhouette that you feel more yourself in? One of the critical ways to develop your style is to pay attention to your feelings. Developing your sense of style is about making you more confident and feel better about who you are in what you’re wearing. Always remember, being trendy isn’t always the answer. It’s all about wearing what makes you feel confident (and more like yourself), than what’s the new cool thing to wear that month.

Next, evaluate what you have observed from other influences in addition to your fashion and style preferences and create a unique style for yourself!

3. Update Your Existing Wardrobe

Now it’s time to show off your personality! It might need some more time and patience before you get your final style, so take it easy if some clothes that you like aren’t making you feel your best. It could be pressing when you finally decide to clean your existing wardrobe and build a new one. Try mixing patterns or wearing colors you’ve never tried before. These are great ways to inspire creativity and open your eyes to new ideas. Most importantly, it will help you better define your personal style overall.

Curated fashion shops like So Fancy boutique are great ways to experiment with fun and unique pieces for your existing wardrobe. By adding to what you already have, you will make your closet more exciting and personalized to your specific preferences.


4. Don’t Forget Fashion Accessories!

Necklaces, belts, earrings, oh my! From hairpieces to bags, scarves to shoes… there are countless types of accessories that can be used to juj up your look, and help you better express your personal fashion sense. Properly chosen accessories will not only add a level of uniqueness but also more confidence in expressing yourself. You can wear basic accessories that are good with any outfit, and you can also wear versatile statement pieces for accentuating your style.

So Fancy Boutique offers quality women’s accessories of the latest styles that will work to add versatility without exhausting your funds. 


“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose. ” Your style is up to you, always remember to be yourself and be confident however you want to express yourself. Never get overwhelmed and embrace who you are!